Technical Service

The service we provide.


The works warranty period is 12 months from the installation date, irrespective of when the user receives any operating permit, which may be necessary from the relevant authority. Under the warranty, all defects will be rectified by remedial work or replacement of parts free of charge, in as much as the damage was not caused by improper use. During rectification work we will provide components on loan in order to minimize down-time. Components will even be provided on loan if the damage was caused by the user. However, in this case time constraints apply.

Please note: The warranty does not include any maintenance services and particularly excludes the factory inspection and maintenance which are due for the first time after 12 months.

The maintenance concept

Just like every other piece of equipment used in radiotherapy, even INTRABEAM needs regular, specialized maintenance to ensure accurate radiotherapy output. The heart of INTRABEAM is the XRS 4 X-ray source, which requires special maintenance service due to its unique size and build. The XRS 4’s high level of integration prohibits any on-site maintenance or repair work. Therefore, the XRS 4 X-ray source has to be returned to the Carl Zeiss factory in Oberkochen, Germany, in special protective shipping containers for annual maintenance.

The same procedure is adopted for the majority of the other components in order to guarantee the correct interaction of components in the system. Maintenance and any necessary repairs to the floor stand of the INTRABEAM are performed at the customer’s premises by Carl Zeiss’ technical service.


Please note: It is essential that the factory inspection of the XRS 4 is carried out every 12 months. If this inspection does not take place, the control system of the INTRABEAM will engage an ‘automatic lock-out’ and will not permit any further radiation treatment.

Basic maintenance

By this we understand all necessary service work to ensure the optimal performance of the XRS 4. Basic maintenance includes inspection and maintenance of the XRS 4 X-ray source (every year) and of the quality assurance tools dosimeter and ion chamber (every two years) at the Carl Zeiss factory. Wearing parts of the XRS 4 are checked and replaced if necessary (excluding repairs on the X-ray vacuum unit). To ensure maximum and constant output power of the electron beam, the electron beam is tested, measured and adjusted. Furthermore the gold target is also tested, a magnetic field test is performed and leakage currents are measured. An XRS 4 test is conducted with the necessary voltages and currents. The testing procedure concludes by the verification and recording of the output power and the recalibration of the XRS 4 and quality assurance tools dosimeter and ion chamber.

On-site inspection

Carl Zeiss Service Technicians will conduct an extensive inspection of the entire system on the client’s premises once a year. The mechanical and electrical safety testing of the highly flexible floor stand of the INTRABEAM is an important part along with the hand-over and functional testing after the factory inspection of the XRS 4 has been completed. All travel expenses and working time is covered by this package. The package also includes software updates without change to the system‘s range of functions (e.g. for the rectification of malfunctions). Additionally a maximum of a half-day technical refresher course is offered if necessary and requested at the time of the inspection.