Artificial Intelligence improves Technical Cleanliness Solutions

Identify the root cause and make the right decisions faster:

Technical cleanliness plays an important role, especially in areas where components are manufactured, such as electrical engineering or the automotive industry. If contamination occurs at particle-sensitive points, this can quickly lead to functional impairments or even malfunctions. If the residual contamination in a system is so low that no damage occurs, it is considered technically clean.

Learn in this Webinar how Artificial Intelligence and Scanning Electron Microscopy can help you to identify the root cause and make the right decisions faster!

Highlights of this webinar:

  • 30% faster with ZEISS One-Scan Technology
  • ZEISS in-house software improves classification of particles with machine learning
  • Up to 50% reduction of misclassification of dark metallic particles and up to 25 % time savings
  • Experience the ease of use of an SEM to determine the chemical composition of impurities


Matjaz Mencej
Product Sales Manager Microscopy


Tas Csala
Application Engineer