ZEISS Lunch Workshop | August 12

Advances in X-Ray & Correlative Microscopy

ZEISS Microscopy is glad to be part of the 5th International Congress on Invertebrate Morphology, taking place in Vienna.

This Lunch Workshop, presented by ZEISS, will give you a profound overview on the newest advances in X-Ray & Correlative Microscopy:

Wolfgang Schwinger, ZEISS specialist for X-Ray & Electron Microscopy, will introduce the new Correlative Cryo Workflow to you. This solution provides hardware and software optimized for the needs of correlative cryogenic workflows, from localization of fluorescent macromolecules to high-contrast volume imaging and on-grid lamella thinning for cryo electron tomography.

After this theoretical introduction, we are very happy to host Dr. Stephan Handschuh from the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna who will give you a practical insight into the usage of microCT for the 3D imaging of animal morphology:
Over the last two decades, X-Ray microCT gradually evolved into a routine technique for isotropic 3D imaging of
biological samples at micron resolution. This talk reviews contemporary microCT applications in the life sciences and focuses on different aspects of sample preparation and imaging with lab-based equipment. Discussed topics include staining of samples with X-ray dense contrast agents, imaging of unstained wet samples, imaging of paraffin- and resin-embedded samples, in-line phase contrast tomography, spectral imaging approaches (microscopic dual energy CT), and the key role of microCT in multimodal correlative imaging

ZEISS will provide you with lunch during this workshop.



12:30 pm

Welcome & Lunch


12:45 pm

Introduction of the Correlative Cryo Workflow

Wolfgang Schwinger

1:15 pm

3D imaging of animal morphology using X-Ray microCT: current applications,
correlative workflows, and novel technical developments

Dr. Stephan Handschuh

1:45 pm

Q & A 



Biology Building of the University of Vienna
Djerassi-Platz 1, 1030 Vienna
Room: SR 1.7 

Friday, August 12

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Official Registration is closed.

Participation onsite is possible, if there are places left. Please check with the organisers.