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The unique combination of science and passion

Did you know that ZEISS Objectives received three technical oscars for capturing perfect moments on celluloid? 1901 the first non-German subsidiary in London marks the start of global expansion - today ZEISS is present in more than 40 countries with over 25.000 employees.

But ZEISS does never stand still and invests ongoing in innovations and currently holds more than 8.000 patents.

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35 Nobelpreisträger vertrauen auf ZEISS

John O'Keefe, May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser solve the question how the brain creates a map of the room, that we are situated in. They used for their discovery different light- and stereo microscopes from ZEISS.

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Carl Zeiss opens a workshop for precision mechanics and optics in Jena.

1857 Bau des ersten zusammengesetzten Mikroskops von Carl Zeiss

Carl Zeiss sells his first compound microscope

Beginn einer neuen Ära: Carl Zeiss erfindet das erste verzerrungsfrei abbildende Objektiv

Start of a new era: the invention of the first anastigmatic lens with distortion-free imaging


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Carl Zeiss fertigt das erste Stereomikroskop nach Greenough-Prinzip an

First Greenough stereomicroscope is manufactured

Nobelpreisträger Robert Koch bedankt sich bei Carl Zeiss

 A big part of my success is due to your excellent microscopes, writes Robert Koch Carl Zeiss

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Carl Zeiss revolutionizes the calculation and manufacturing of eyeglass lenses with PUNKTAL

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Gewinnen Sie eine von drei ZEISS Virtual Reality Brillen

Photos of the first lunar landing were taken with Zeiss lenses

Harald zur Hausen entdeckt die HPV Viren mit dem EM 900 von ZEISS

Zur Hausen discovered the Human Papillomavirus can cause cervical cancer with the ZEISS EM 900

Gewinnen Sie ein Exolens Weitwinkel-Objektiv-Set

Carl Zeiss is the first to enter the market with an integrated, digital Widefield Imaging-System.

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